Flexible, High-Performance Ingestion

Centralize your data with ingestion that offers smooth migration, reduced latency, and maximum scalability.



Stream confidently with scalable infrastructure

Sift’s ingestion infrastructure scales with your needs, allowing you to stream large volumes of data from as many channels and assets as you need. Sift can handle high aerospace sampling rates, and it scales its propulsion grade ingestors as the number of channels grows, ensuring you can manage fleets of complex machines without delay.

Avoid bottlenecks and reduce latency

Whether you’re operating a single machine or an entire fleet, you’ll never get bottlenecked at the ingestion point. Sift cuts out latency and reduces the amount of time you spend decision-making, enabling efficient data processing and analysis for real-time troubleshooting.

Migrate smoothly with flexible ingestion methods

Sift allows companies to transition between formats without disruption by managing time-aligning data sets from multiple devices. Streaming with gRPC minimizes the metadata in each transmission, maximizing the bandwidth of each transmission. If you’re not ready to stream over gRPC, Sift supports other data formats — namely Influx Line Protocol and bulk CSV uploads. Current influx users can migrate to Sift with a single-line code change: just specify Sift as your new telemetry destination. Bulk CSV uploads allow your team to quickly add all of their historical data to Sift, building context they can use once they start streaming.

Simplified integration

Just give Sift your data’s format, then start streaming. Managing multiple data formats that are constantly in flux? No problem. Sift can normalize data across various formats and seamlessly incorporate new systems or platforms. Sift maps the stream it sees to the appropriate pre-defined schema, allowing byte-optimized transmissions and giving you the freedom to focus on telemetry values, not their formats.

Centralize everything with a single source of truth

Telemetry schemas are ever-evolving for a single asset, not to mention whole organizations of devices. Send the data you need in whatever format you want without constraints – like schemaless data or byte-optimized streams. Sift’s ingestors will standardize whatever you send, so that your team can use a single source of truth to visualize and review your telemetry.


Flexible Ingestion
Stream byte-optimized protobufs, send schemaless data, and stream Influx Line Protocol directly to Sift

Stream byte-optimized protobufs, send schemaless data, and stream Influx Line Protocol directly to Sift

Horizontally Scalable
Stream from multiple telemetry channels and assets

Stream from multiple telemetry channels and assets

High Rate Support
Stream over 10kHz sampling rate data in real-time.

Stream over 10kHz sampling rate data in real-time.

Bulk Migration
Migrate historical telemetry for analysis and visualization of past data.

Migrate historical telemetry for analysis and visualization of past data.

Sift Observability Platform

Missions are complex. Reviewing machine data should be simple.


Scale both the number and complexity of your machines without worrying about ingestion rates.

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Query a backend that's purpose-built for long duration, high cardinality searches. Add granular retention policies to save only the data you need.

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Explore, share, and collaborate with your team — no Python scripts or SQL queries needed. Unify all your data sources in a single window.

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Automatically review simulation, testbed, and operational data. Ingrain your expertise in rules that flag anomalies real-time.

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With one-click, generate certification reports for stakeholders. Provide precise access to your data with Role-Based Access Controls.

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How do I send my data to Sift?

Data can be sent to Sift using the Sift ingestion format, arbitrary Protobuf, Influx Line Protocol, CSV, ETL, or MQTT.

What is the scalability, consistency, and availability model?

Our backend infrastructure is horizontally scalable, meaning customers can have as many channels per asset as they want, as many assets per vehicle, and as many vehicles per constellation as needed. Consistency isn't a problem because the database isn't clustered and doesn't have transactions. We're just appending time series data to a file and reading that file. Sift is a distributed system, so that if any one part of the system is down we can still accept your data. Sift also includes a client library for buffering data if the connection to the server is lost.

How many simultaneous users can use Sift at a time? Can it scale to hundreds of users?

There is no limit on the number of simultaneous users. Sift can scale to hundreds of users.

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