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Build vs. Buy
Apr 23, 2024

Evolving Past the In-House Model

Not all in-house systems struggle to get off the ground, but many of the most common infrastructures encounter similar pain points. Even if things are going well, the total cost of your in-house solution is always going to be higher than a multi-tenant solution like Sift.
Apr 16, 2024

Why We Left SpaceX to Build Sift

Right now, we are living in the most auspicious time in all of history. Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, and we’re building futuristic machines that are creatin...
Build vs. Buy
Mar 14, 2024

Only the Paranoid Survive

Creating new software releases can also introduce risk to your production hardware. Companies with an observability problem acutely feel the tradeoff between creating frequent releases and burning out their engineers with tedious data review.
Mar 14, 2024

Software for Hard Companies

Sift was founded to catalyze American dynamism. Our founders studied best practice, which SpaceX developed over two decades, and decided to apply top engineering talent to replicate and extend the core capabilities that enabled SpaceX to land Falcon 9 rockets...
Build vs. Buy
Mar 14, 2024

Warning Signs of an Outdated Telemetry Stack

A telemetry stack is a set of tools that helps you organize, understand, and troubleshoot data produced by complex machines. Managing and analyzing the deluge of data that comes from these machines is crucial for mission success.
Build vs. Buy
Mar 14, 2024

Avoiding the In-House Sinkhole

Telemetry systems are critically important, and using an in-house team to build one fritters away your team’s talent and capital. It’s not a core competency, and most in-house systems don’t scale as you grow.