Sift offers transformative tools for machine creators to innovate at speed and scale

Find anomalies faster

Configure real-time rules on Sift’s streaming event engine to identify anomalous behavior. Then configure automations to speed up mission critical decision making. No more night shifts…

Speed through data review

Collaborate in power user workflows designed to let you focus only on what matters.

Unify visualization for complete situational awareness

Find everything you need in one place with query optimized storage for millions of datasets, time synchronized machine logs, and more.

Keep your team happy with infrastructure that just works

Drive down software costs, scale your infrastructure, keep your tools snappy and responsive.

Size on Amazon S3

87% less
1 TB


130 GB


Query Run Time

34x faster




Data Scanned

87% less
1.15 TB


2.51 GB



99.7% less




What can you do with Sift?

Keep your telemetry simple when your mission is hard.

Telemetry systems can easily become overly complicated or hard to manage. The Sift stack creates ease-of-use and heads off future problems before they have a chance to arise.

Get best-in-breed expertise to solve your problems.

The talent pool for building, maintaining and upgrading telemetry systems is limited, but that doesn’t have to stop your business from growing. The experts at Sift can build and maintain your system, so you don’t have to.

You build the machines, we’ll elevate the tools.

Most likely, your telemetry stack is simply a means to an end in achieving your business’s core mission. The Sift team can handle those details while you can focus on what you do best.

Easy onboarding for even the busiest engineers.

The integration of a new tool and process can take months — but it doesn’t have to. With Sift, we have optimized our onboarding times. We can get you up and running in an hour or less.

Breeze through certification and get back to what matters.

Certifications processes can be laborious and overwhelming. However, regulations don’t have to be this way. Automated certification reports make compliance easy and manageable.

Keep your data safe, simple and secure.

We understand that some missions are highly sensitive. While we create data transparency amongst teams, we keep each customer’s account secure from adversarial threats. That’s why we’ve taken multiple safety measures to protect your data pipeline — including role-based access controls and permissions.

Seamlessly capture & share institutional knowledge.

Legacy systems make it hard to keep institutional knowledge current and accessible. Free yourself from fear of attrition by capturing insights alongside your data. The Sift stack makes it easy to find, contextualize and share fresh insights.

Transparent and traceable without any extra effort.

The Sift stack is designed with traceability in mind to ensure fault tolerant communications for mission-critical machines.

Scale your company, not your cloud spend.

Eliminate time spent wrangling with legacy tools and increase your team’s productivity. The Sift stack empowers fast-moving engineering teams to be more productive and get to market before schedule. Sift’s architecture optimizes cloud spend keeping you under budget.

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