Centralize everything in a single source of truth

Cut out your latency and reduce your time spent decision making.

Sift is integrated just upstream of your current telemetry consumers, so instead of sending data to a time-series database and then on to your visualization tools, you can just send it to Sift.

Migrate smoothly with flexible ingestion methods

If you’re not ready to stream over gRPC, Sift also supports other data formats, namely Influx Line Protocol and bulk CSV uploads. A migration from Influx to Sift requires just a single-line code change specifying Sift as your destination. Regardless of your chosen ingestion format, Sift will handle time-aligning data sets from multiple devices.

Bulk CSV uploads will allow your team to quickly add all of their historical data to Sift, building context that they can use once they start streaming.

It’s easy

Just give Sift your data’s format, then start streaming. Multiple data formats? No problem. Sift can normalize data across various formats.

Sift maps the stream it sees to the appropriate pre-defined schema, allowing byte-optimized transmissions and giving you the freedom to focus on telemetry values, not their formats.

Avoid bottlenecks

Sift’s ingestion infrastructure scales horizontally. This ensures that whether you’re operating a single flagship vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, you’ll never get bottlenecked at the ingestion point.

Internal ingestion tests have shown Sift’s ability to handle well over 10kHz sampling rates per channel and, with horizontal scaling, Sift can handle as many of those channels as you can muster.