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Effective collaboration is key to your mission’s success, and with Sift everyone can remain on the same page. By allowing your engineers to communicate via inline annotations — and making those conversations searchable — Sift optimizes your workflow and stores your institutional knowledge for future reference.

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Improve your team’s ability to collaborate

Sift is a software stack that’s designed to help machine creators innovate, scale, and operate smoother and faster. Built to optimize your workflow, Sift can help you scale your infrastructure and empower more of your team to contribute to the review process, speeding up your productivity.

How does it work?

Complex machines with multiple subsystems require detailed, highly-coordinated collaboration. For example, building a rocket engine requires cooperation between a propulsion team, guidance navigation control (or GNC), and software teams. Chaos is inevitable, as the direct result of multiple subsystems struggling to work together with inadequate tools.

What does this look like? Your propulsion team, GNC, and flight software teams are all using their own unique tools to complete their analysis. Once they’re finished, each team distills their findings for sharing in a data review meeting or an email chain. These bespoke methods of data review expose your mission to version control risk, and severely limit visibility. They’re just not built to capture all of the benefits of collaboration when dealing with complex systems.

What you’re left with is a propulsion team that can’t truly understand how its engine is operating without knowing the flight software. And simultaneously, your flight software can’t understand how its computers are performing without knowing the GNC algorithms it’s running. GNC can’t understand how well their simulations model is performing with the propulsion team’s data… and so on. When you treat every subsystem like a black box, you can’t achieve the kind of interaction that’s necessary for a successful mission.

Here at Sift, we have a team of former SpaceX engineers who have experienced the immense value that comes with collaborating throughout the data review process. To that end, we built this software to give multifunctional teams the ability to work together seamlessly. By providing a single source of truth where raw data can be explored, manipulated, and discussed, Sift allows you to capture all of the nuance of your system.

And the more teams that use Sift for data review, the more helpful Sift becomes. Everything is recorded and stored for future reference, in an interface that gives your team the opportunity to challenge preexisting assumptions about the data before performing their advanced analysis. Your subsequent reviews will go much quicker, and with the ability to annotate, share links, search previous discussions, and contribute to the review process, you can increase your team’s productivity and reduce risk.

Give your team tools to work together more efficiently, with a telemetry stack designed to streamline the engineering workflow.

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