Improve Traceability

Document your decisions and track investigations effortlessly with Sift’s searchable workflows, inspired by human spaceflight.

Sift automatically records your data review activity, making it all easily searchable for future reference. Your data and decisions will be traceable without any extra effort on your part, saving you time and preventing staff attrition.

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  1. Implement your data review workflow into Sift by creating rules to automatically flag failures.
  2. Assign annotations to your team members as you review the data.
  3. Collaborate within the comments feature of your Sift dashboard.
  4. Search through previous comments to speed up your investigations.
  5. Coming soon: Suggested Annotations. Sift will do the heavy lifting to surface relevant historical annotations.

Let Sift keep track for you

Sift is a telemetry stack that offers transformative tools for machine creators to innovate and scale at speed. Built to maximize your time and streamline your workflow, Sift automatically tracks investigations and decisions for you, making traceability inherent to the way you operate - rather than a documentation afterthought.

How does it work?

You’re not alone if traceability is the least addressed portion of your workflow. Typically, it involves using a messy combination of legacy tools and documents to track decisions. Conducting new investigations takes time, requiring that you first dig through various email chains, reread old documents, and reanalyze old historic data. And that data might not even map directly to your current telemetry.

Worst case scenario, you’re not documenting decisions at all, which leads to a serious bottleneck where only one person knows what’s going on. This can cause your best engineers to burn out, leaving your company and your mission highly vulnerable to risk, and your operational tempo will grind to a halt.

By using Sift for your data review, you can significantly simplify the traceability process and let the software do the work for you. There is no need to add notes in later or anything extra. Your data will be accessible and searchable for future use. Sift captures your institutional knowledge automatically throughout the lifecycle of your hardware, and gives your staff the ability to reference actions and discussions later.

Not only will you save time, but your decisions will be more accurately recorded and easier to find. This will speed up your investigations and allow your teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively. You may still need to document other parts of your process for official purposes, but with Sift, no additional effort is needed. Everything is automatically saved and searchable, reducing noise in other platforms like Jira and streamlining your day-to-day workflow.

Speed up your process and let Sift handle the heavy lifting when it comes to traceability.

Commonly asked questions

Will this eliminate the need for word documentation?

While you will likely still need to document other parts of your process for official purposes, no official documentation is required to record your actions, decisions, and collaboration in Sift. Just as Email and Slack serve two separate functions in corporate communication, Sift and Confluence serve each of their functions particularly well.

Will this create the “too many platforms” problem for my team between Jira and Sift?

Sift will actually optimize the way you use your platforms. You’ll reduce your noise in Jira — where data isn’t easily searchable. Your institutional knowledge will be stored in Sift where it will work in line with your data while Jira tracks downstream actions.

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