Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk by continuously validating your fully integrated system with Sift.

By continuously running automated data review checks against your data from your development, test, and integration campaigns, Sift discovers bugs before they become in-flight anomalies. This increases the signal to noise ratio for engineers, reducing burnout and risks from data review fatigue.

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Reduce your exposure to anomalies and errors

Sift is a telemetry stack that offers transformative tools for machine creators to innovate and scale at speed. By automating data review and continuously validating your machine, Sift significantly lowers risk from human error. This enables you to catch bugs early, allowing your team to focus on solving core engineering problems - rather than sifting through the noise.

How does it work?

On any given day you might be buried in a mountain of continuously streaming data, obscuring visibility into your system. Faced with this volume of data, you must either devote valuable engineering resources to review it, or limit yourself to reviewing only targeted subsets of your telemetry. After monotonous data review with a low signal to noise ratio, real bugs will begin to slip through — and they can become disastrous. You’re left with the biggest threat of all, which is everything that you don’t know. Without the ability to discover risks in your system, you may end up with an expensive rework late in the game.

By capturing the institutional knowledge of every system you build, Sift does the heavy lifting for you. Your knowledge is captured in into a single source of truth, and consistently tested from development to integration and flight. Sift evaluates all vehicle behavior against your defined rules and alerts you when something isn’t right. This means fewer risks and faster processes.

You’re also less likely to incur accidents due to stale information. Sift conducts ongoing tests that continue to validate your source of truth, and other monitoring tools can read from it, too. This not only mitigates risk, but it also speeds up processes and automates over 90% of your data review. Over time, your rule conditions will become even more refined, further eliminating data noise and allowing your engineers to focus on other tasks.

With Sift’s automated data reviews, your team will be more focused on engineering, your tests will unearth more issues, and your operational hardware will experience fewer in-flight anomalies. Once you’ve changed your workflow to Sift, no additional work is needed on your part in order to mitigate risk.

Reduce data noise and your exposure to human errors with a telemetry stack designed to help you reach your goals faster.

Commonly asked questions

Will the rule have the fidelity required to encode enough human behavior to forgo human data review?

Most of our customers can actually automate 90% of their data review, freeing up time for engineers to refocus that percentage of their time. Sift gives you the ability to define new derived data from telemetry allowing advanced bounds checking logic to be calculated in real time.

Will there be too much noise in the rule?

Over time rule conditions become further and further refined and eliminate noise. As your team better understands your system performance, Sift will too.

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