Refocus Resources

By tasking Sift with scaling your data infrastructure, you can refocus talent to your core engineering problems.

Sift’s automated system allows you offload the unnecessary burden of creating and maintaining your own software. By storing your data in Sift’s open-source format, you can maintain complete control of your data and allow your engineers to do what they love most: developing and operating advanced hardware.

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Optimize your team’s productivity

Sift is a telemetry stack that offers transformative tools for machine creators to innovate and scale at speed. With automatic documentation and streamlined data review, Sift allows you to optimize your team’s time and attention where you need it the most.

How does it work?

One of the biggest challenges to reaching your goals is managing the mountain of data involved. Hardware is of course your first priority, which makes application software somewhat of an afterthought. By taking on the complex task of managing your data and documenting your workflow, Sift gives you peace of mind that your system will scale without crashing.

It’s common for machine innovators to reassign staff from other departments to deal with enormous task of software and data management — because recruiting, maintaining, and continually upscaling a dedicated software staff is significantly more difficult. You may have initially hired that personnel for other functions, and sorting through legacy systems to keep track of changes and decisions is likely not part of their original job description. Just because your engineers can build a telemetry stack doesn’t mean they should, and you may be losing valuable time and talent that’s being wasted on software.

Just as an architect wouldn’t build their own CAD system, machine creators shouldn’t be dedicating their resources to creating and maintaining a telemetry stack. Sift has already done that heavy lifting for you, giving you easy access to your data — and a happier, more productive team.

Switching to Sift takes very little time, and you can start streaming your data to the software in less than an hour. It will be stored in an open- source format and you won’t be charged for exports, so you can easily take your data back at any point should you need to.

With Sift handling your data, you can redistribute all of those engineer-hours onto building machines — including time previously spent completing certification. Sift’s automated system scales your infrastructure for you, allowing your team to do the work they are passionate about. This kind of reallocation of valuable resources optimizes your team’s skillset, and it just makes good business sense.

Accelerate your your mission with a telemetry stack that’s designed to help your team operate smoother and faster.

Commonly asked questions

If other companies built this software in-house why shouldn’t I?

Just as an architect wouldn’t build their own CAD system machine creators shouldn’t be wasting their time on developing their own telemetry software. Most in-house systems were developed before Sift was available. Today, Sift allows you to focus on building machines, accelerating your team and your mission.

Don’t we need to own our data?

Our current customers have gone from asking this same question to commenting “We love that you handle this for us.” Although we’re handling your data you always have direct access to it. Additionally, we store your data in an open-source format and do not charge anything for export, meaning that you can easily “take your data back” at any time.

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